28th Apr 2024

Apex Tubulars donates £5000 to reconstruction project in Eastern Africa

Apex Tubulars, a leading supplier of downhole casings, tubing and accessories for the global energy market, has donated £5000 to international relief and recovery organistion, ZOA, supporting it with the reconstruction of 29 homes in Burundi, Eastern Africa.

The project, which is in partnership with the ZBA team of Burundi, originally commenced to provide sustainable housing for those who had been affected by heavy rainstorm in the village of Kamakara in September 2022, destroying many houses and leaving families with no means of rebuilding them.

Recognising the urgent need for safe and reliable housing, Apex Tubulars has supported phase two of the project alongside Netherlands-based Rollman Equipment BV. This stage focused on the rebuilding of 29 homes and following completion, 145 people now have a secure place to live.

Ronnie Grant, Director at Apex Tubulars commented: “Apex works on an international scale, and therefore we’re committed to supporting communities in need, both locally and globally.

“Our involvement in the reconstruction of houses in the village of Kamakara highlights our dedication to not only make a difference through corporate social responsibility efforts, but also to raise awareness of the conditions many communities face in other parts of the world.

“We’re determined to help wherever we can, and this initiative not only provided relief for locals following a crisis, but it has implemented more sustainable housing methods that should protect the community going forward.”

A spokesperson for ZOA said: “We would like to thank the ZBA team of Burundi, Rollman Equipment BV, Apex Tubulars and other relations for their indispensable support for the people of Kamakara. Thanks to your support, 145 people affected by the rain storm now feel safe in a warm and dry house.”

This second phase of the reconstruction followed the success of 36 houses being built during stage one, and all homes have been constructed with adverse weather conditions in mind, using strong materials to prevent future damage. 

To find out more about the ZOA’s work, visit: https://www.zoa-international.com/