Our products are used all over the world for varying applications, including offshore wells, deepwater wells, onshore wells, carbon capture, geothermal, coal bed methane, shale gas and gas storage projects.


Since our inception, we have specialised in gas tight downhole casing and tubing - also known as Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) - and over the years we have established ourselves as both a stockist and supplier of premium products.

Our inventory includes some of the highest grade materials available, such as L80 C95, T95, P110, Q125, sour service, chrome and high chrome, offering our customers a variety of options to suit any of their requirements. Due to our expertise in the area, we also offer specialist advice to support organisations with their decision.

Thanks to our extensive global network, we also have the unique ability to locate the most in demand specifications, as well as the hardest to find, almost anywhere in the world, differentiating us from other suppliers.

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While pipes and tubing form a key part of our operations, our expertise does not stop there. With a passion for making things as easy as possible for our customers, we are also a stockist for a wide range of accessories to complement wider projects, including casing and tubing pup-joints, x-overs and couplings.

This means our customers can receive all products through one supplier, benefiting from our technical knowledge and removing the need for multiple vendors, ensuring a more efficient procurement process. In return, this also creates an optimal environment for product compatibility and quality assurance.

Not only can we meet the demanding needs of an ever-changing energy landscape, but we add value by enhancing operational efficiency and improving the likelihood of positive outcome

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Focused on reliability and efficiency

With efficiency serving as one of our core values, we pride ourselves in prioritising the timely delivery of all products and a key part of this is partnering with the right companies to ensure this happens. Therefore we use a specific freight company to support the transport of all our pipes around the world.

“Apex Tubulars offers clients a complete service. Not only do we supply OCTG, but we also prepare the casing for running in the well. Our services include inspection, which covers Visual Thread Inspection, Full length Drifting, Laser Measurement to exact and running lengths, slinging/bundling, and the supply and fitting of Float Gear and Centralisers. Shipping is a big part of the operation. The valuable cargo needs to be handled correctly and with our trusted partners, we ensure careful handling of OCTG. Together, we deliver to worldwide locations and have done so hundreds, if not thousands, of times. It’s of paramount importance to deliver our product on time and in perfect condition, every time.”

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Ronnie Grant

International Sales Manager

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