At Apex Tubulars, we're proud to partner with organisations that share our ethos. 

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HP Well Screen

Aligning with our goals to streamline logistics, Apex represents HP Well Screen within the UK market for the the source and supply of wedge wire screen filtration products.

Known and respected as a highly specialised organisation, it is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and offers customised solutions for the energy sector.

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Aberdeen Drilling School

As part of our determination to support the future of the energy industry, we’re proud to partner with Aberdeen Drilling School, an international training and consultancy company.

Operating on an international basis, we have helped its team with relevant courses based on upcoming projects, such as from the introductory “essentials of oilfield knowledge” courses to specialist training for complex wells and well engineering courses.

Our services are offered across the life cycle of operations from well planning workshops to post-well performance reviews including a lessons learned report. We can provide unique training solutions, in the classroom, on the rig, or in a full-size drilling simulator room, to bridge competency gaps, and improve efficiency and performance for drilling and well services operations on and offshore.

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